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Our chapter has many events throughout the year, these events are either public events or member events.  Public events are open to anyone and everyone is welcome, except where attendance must be limited.  Member events are only open to current members of the chapter.  Certain member events may be exempt, allowing perspective members or member’s guests to attend.  Exemptions are at the discretion of the Chapter President, keeping the membership’s best interest in mind. We ask that everyone utilize this to RSVP for all events as this keeps attendee lists centralized for the event planners.  For events hosted at private homes or venues, the location will stay listed as TBD and will not be posted publicly.  In these cases the information will be emailed to attendee’s email on file.


Non-members interested in coming to a WAI Houston Chapter event should read event details carefully to ensure the event is open to the public.

If you have any questions feel free to Contact Us.

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